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Pets Bereavement - 5 ways to deal with the passing of your beloved pet

Pets Bereavement - 5 ways to deal with the passing of your beloved pet

     For many of us, a pet is more than simply 'just a pet'. Pets are often a beloved and valued member of the family, and can bring joy, companionship, meaning, and purpose into our lives.  

"The Moment that You Left Us

Our Heart Split in Two

One Side Filled with Memories

The Other Side Died With You."

 That is why the grief can be sudden and overwhelming when you lose your pet, or it can creep up slowly on you and then hit you with a hammer.

We all experience grief differently with different pets or at different times in our lives. No one experience is defining. And yet there is a common bond between all the experiences and that is missing our pet.



  From the impact to your daily routine to the longing for a familiar snuggle on the sofa, the change can have a massive impact. Obviously there is no way to bring them back.

 However, here are several suggestions that may help with the grieving process and allow you to come to terms with the passing of your pet.

  1. Allow yourself to grieve.  It is ok to feel upset or to cry
  2. Reach out to those with similar experiences.

    Speaking to someone who has gone through something similar whether it is with someone you know, online forums, or a pet loss hotline, can be helpful in dealing and understanding the grief.

  3. Create a memory by making your own Pet's Memorial Gift
    Remembering the good times, the love, and the bond you shared with your animal companion can often be helpful in allowing you to move on.

    We offer you some products that help you prepare a Sympathy gift with meaningful message and the modified photo of your lovely pet

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  4. Take care:
    During the grieving process. It’s often common to experience a lack of sleep. We always hope you and your family take care of yourselves and get over this difficult period.
  5. Sending us an email your feelings

    We are always willing to listen your sharing and give the bereavement guide that is packed full of advice and tips for dealing with the loss of your beloved pet


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