3 Easy Step To Update Your Bath With Funny Bathroom Signs

3 Easy Step To Update Your Bath With Funny Bathroom Signs

You are redesigning your house and it is the turn of your bathroom. However, you have no idea where to start nor what to do with it? In this article, we will take you through the steps of a bathroom makeover. It does not require you to invest too much money in it. Moreover, you do not need to buy too much furniture. We will guide you on how to use secondhand materials, old stuff and many more such as wooden sticks, funny bathroom signs, handmade bathtub, etc. So that you can revamp your bathroom with a very low budget.

Start with the wall

The very first step you need to start when redesigning your bathroom is to work with the wall. We recommend using wall white tiles for your bedroom. The upper part without tile should be painted in white as well. So do the ceiling. It helps to enlarge the space and is easy to clean. Moreover, a white wall is a good material te decor with accessories such as funny bathroom signs later on.


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You can use other tile textures in the shower area. However, it is better to select neutral colors such as grey, beige or marble pattern. These colors do not decrease the brightness of the bathroom. In contrast, it enhances the balance of color and creates a relaxing vibe for the room.

The wall does not complete its job well without the floor. While the wall and ceiling are in white, it is important to choose the right color for the floor to create contrast. You can use solid neutral colors such as beige or grey. Moreover, grid or cross texture in neutral colors are great ideas.

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Redesign the bathroom furniture

When you revamp your bathroom, each item has its role in the overall look of the whole space. Therefore, you need to select carefully which ones to keep and remove. 

Shower and bathtub

A smart arrangement of the shower and bathtub can save space while the bathroom is usually narrow. You can set up a bathtub and shower to the end of the room and shift it to a suitable direction that can save space most efficiently. Additionally, choose a bright and bold color to turn the shower and water pipes into the accent of the room. With a white wall, you can use golden or black metal for the shower.


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The bathtub is in white, of course. Hence, it is a good idea to cover it with a different texture such as marble pattern or grid tiles. You can separate the shower area from the whole space by using a curtain. It is soft and simple enough to keep the fresh feeling. Moreover, a curtain does not restrict the space. On the contrary, if you use a glass wall, the shower area seems too narrow and uncomfortable.


A bathroom usually has a mirror with a sink and a lot of stuff. If you do not arrange them well, it looks quite massive. Therefore, people usually use vanity to store everything and make the bathroom tidier. The problem is you should choose the right vanity which has plenty of space for the stuff and other extra design.


 Source: poshh.co.uk

With a white wall bathroom, it is the best choice if you use a white vanity. A small space like a bathroom might need as less furniture as possible. However, a white vanity can help to create the feeling of a large space. Moreover, it feels fresh and gentle. On the contrary, if you are looking for excitement, you should put some color on the vanity. To create a balance with the white tone, you can choose green, blue or orange vanity. It brightens up space and generates the summer vibe to your bathroom.

In order to save space and give the bathroom a tidy look, you should have a double vanity. Two sinks on it are a smart design and bring convenience. Additionally, do not leave any space useless. You should have a full of drawers. It can be used as a mini-warehouse for your bathroom to store all toiletries and freeing up counter space.

Adding accents with funny bathroom signs

As a trendy in house decor, funny bathroom sign is an essential item that can be found easily in every house. Hereunder, we recommend some ideas that you might use for your bathroom.

Scrub - A - Dub - Dub

Scrub - A - Dub - Dub is well known as a fun bath song that is the childhood of so many people. Having it in your bathroom is a great fun idea. You should use a wood frame for a modern look. Moreover, do not forget to add a touch of rustic charm by putting it in a wooden towel rack.

A bathroom rules board

It is not always all your family members try their best to keep the bathroom clean. Therefore, it always needs a rules board to remind everyone. However, writing it down in a normal way might cause a forced feeling. Instead of it, you can design it as a funny bathroom sign. Put it in a wood frame with soft and funny symbols. Of course, it is the best choice to make the rules stand out so that it is easy to be noticed.


Get naked

Another option to decor with a funny bathroom sign is to use hilarious words. Right above the towel rack, you have put these two words “Get Naked” as the truth about taking shower but funny and impressive. Moreover, it helps to remove the empty wall near the shower area.

Reminder to change the toilet paper

It is so annoying when you are using the toilet but the paper runs out before you use it. You cannot get angry every time it happens. A reminder is needed in this case. However, it is great to use a funny bathroom sign to remind it. Your family members and your guests will not feel uncomfortable with a tough reminder but in a funny way, it is different.

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