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The large canvas is the new vibes in a home

The large canvas is the new vibes in a home

What is the large canvas? 

A large canvas looks almost like a normal canvas but the size of a large canvas like its name is so big with long width and height. 

It is original artwork by Benicee Shop and made of 100% real pine wood. Moreover the wooden frames are available in Black with a 1.75'' depth, custom molded from recycled materials. The photo of the canvas is printed on an acid-free paper background that makes Durable construction and keeps along with time - the standout feature.

It can be durable and lightweight for easy hanging and also pre-installed hanging hardware and protective bumpers.

So what does a large canvas look like?

Large canvas

What is the use of it?

The large canvas can be the best choice for the empty or boring wall in a home. With a large canvas you only decorate one time to get the new vibe at home instead of an empty wall. Only one time to buy and decorate with a reasonable price, It’s saving time and also your money.

It’s appreciated with every person and every house style because of the simple and easy way for decoration. If you are a classic people style, a new vintage vibe comes to you in a beautiful way. Our color and style are almost based on vintage style. The model style and also minimalist style is suitable due to the one beautiful item and color on the wall - the simple and gouges vibe. 

This wonderful Wall Art Canvas is the perfect farmhouse decor to bring vintage art and positive vibes into your home! This wood wall sign is solid wood and can be stained any color to match home decor. In addition, the sign comes with a frame to hang. This wood sign looks wonderful on the wall or on a shelf.

How to decorate a large canvas in a home?


large canvas


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