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  Bathroom design has come a long way. There are a variety of bathroom decor ideas out there. However getting it right is not a piece of cake.

 After all bathrooms need to be very functional as well as beautiful. Let follow our bathroom decor ideas and inspiration for some simple tips: 


  Bright Tiles - If you and your family members are shying away from painting the bathroom walls. adding some bright tiles is the perfect way to open up your bathroom space. They’re a great way to creating a centre of attention with tiles around your bath or sink work perfectly.

  Towels & Texture - Are you bored of your all white or monotone bathroom? Change your towels and bath mats for some bright funky colorful ones to inject some some life into your bathroom.

  Lighting - Mirrors can add a sense of depth; width and length add more light making the room appear bigger

      Hanging Canvas - Unless your bathroom is incredibly large, we suggest hanging a beautiful Bathroom Canvas with meaningful quote. By reading some motivational or inspirational quote every morning, it makes your days full of energy. 

         Not every bathroom space is built the same, so please choose the canvas that the color and design will fit with your bathroom well!

        There is plenty of bathroom design we offer in store below. Please take a look and make your choice now!

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    ** If you are set on completely redecorating your bathroom it is obviously not going to happen overnight, but we hope these tips inspire you to consider getting creative with your bathroom in the coming year! 

    ** Please access here to grab one of our best canvas products. Hope you enjoy it and don’t hesitate to share with us iff you have any tips for adding color to your bathroom!

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