Top 5 Meaningful Memorial Gifts For Loss Of Husband

Top 5 Meaningful Memorial Gifts For Loss Of Husband

Wedding is one of the most important events of human life. Therefore, the depart of a husband is a major loss that a wife has to suffer. If you know someone who has just been widowed, you might want to lift their temper strongly, or even if it is just a bit. They say staying beside is a great way to cheer someone up. Besides, gifting them a special item can help them feel better. However, it is not easy to choose memorial gifts for loss of husband.

In this article, you can find many alternatives to consider. They are the most popular sympathy gifts which are personalized to be unique and meaningful. These items are not only a memorial to a departed husband but also a reminder to your friend that you care about them and always be here for them to overcome the difficult times.

Canvas sympathy gifts for loss of husband

Canvas is the most popular gift for grieving. However, you can make it special and unique to increase its value by adding some personalized symbols to the canvas gifts like custom photo of your spouse and name. 

Remembrance photo – Heart melting memorial gifts for loss of a husband

Another gift of grieving for the loss of a husband is a photo of him. If you are a close friend of them, you might keep quite many photos of their happy moments. You can print their photos with some meaningful quotes and give his wife condolence. This will be definitely one of the sincerest losses of husband gifts that is an everlasting reminder of their love.
The most favorite canvas memorial gifts for loss of husband are designed with photos of the husband and some meaningful quotes of love poems. It represents eternal love and peace to warm the wife’s heart. Some popular sympathy poems such as "As i sit in heaven", "I never left you"...


memorial gift for loss of husband wall art
As i sit in heaven poem wall art canvas with custom photo and name

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memorial gift for loss of husband canvas
As i sit in heaven poem - Sunset lakeside dock memorial canvas with faux window 

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Remembrance theme – Heart melting memorial gifts for loss of husband

There is a variety of themes you can choose from. If they are a couple of outdoor activities, they usually went camping or hiking every weekend, it is great to use the natural theme. If they have a pleasant time in the country, a farmhouse canvas is a good one. If they are Christian, you can use the heaven theme.

Personalized Memorial Gifts Wall Art

Personalized memorial gifts wall art canvas those we love don't go away mountain peak theme 

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Themes about farmhouse, beach, sunflower,... combined with a tribute poem like "a letter from heaven", beside you can also customize the photo and name of your deceased loved one.

gifts for loss of husband wall art
Personalized memorial gifts wall art canvas - A letter from heaven - Multiple background
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You can use a photo of the husband alone or a happy picture of the husband and wife. It will remind the happy moments to the wife and help her overcome the difficult times in her life.

A memory angle picture

The value of a gift is not at how much it costs, but at what it means to the recipient. To those who has just lost her husband, it is even much more important. With it in mind, you might need to choose an extremely gift to show your friend how much she means to you and how much you care about her. This painting will definitely warm her heart.

sympathy gifts for loss of husband

Personalized memory angel photo canvas

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This painting is made based on a photo of the decedent. All you need to prepare is a photo of the husband and you will receive back a portrait of him in the shape of an angle. It will be a treasure of the wife to remind her that he is in a peaceful place now in heaven.

Wall mounted bottle opener

You know that your friend and her husband were the party people. They love drinking wine for no reason but just cheer together and share the special moments during the marriage life. If they are, the personalized bottle opener is one of the coolest memorial gifts for the loss of a husband.

 Personalized Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Sympathy Gift (Raise a  Glass) - Urns Northwest

Personalized "Raise a Glass in Memory" sympathy gift wall mounted bottle opener

Source: amazon.com

This bottle opener is made of wood with a metal frame, or even a wooden frame. The opening position is on the upper part of the frame, the lower is for personalization. You should engrave the name, date and some special sentence on it. “Raise a glass for” or “raise a glass in memory of” go with the name of the husband is the most common and also meaningful sentence to use.

Personalized memorial gifts like this can be used as a wine bottle opener and wall art for decoration purpose. His wife and friends will be raising a glass in the husband honour of every death anniversary as a way to remember him.

Willow tree – Beauty of an eternal love in memorial gifts loss of husband

A willow tree is always one of the best memorial gifts for the loss of a loved one, especially a husband. Therefore, if your friend is suffering the grieving feel of the loss of her husband, this is definitely a gift you should give her.

Missing a husband is the biggest loss of a family that there is no word that can describe it. A willow tree is more than what you want to say. It helps to express your sympathy to your friend over the loss of her husband.


Source: willowtree.com

A “promise” sculpture as this one is a gift that you can consider. It includes a music box inside which plays “Canon in D Major”. The figure turns slowly when you turn the music on. This dance is an illustration of eternal love. Therefore, it would help your friend feel better as her husband is still around to cheer her up.

Memorial gifts for loss of husband cannot replace the grieving feel of his wife. However, it is the only way you can lift her temper and have the strength to overcome the difficult time. More than anything, spending time with her even just stay there without any words is the best thing you can do for her.

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