The Best Ideas For A Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Decor In 2021

The Best Ideas For A Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Decor In 2021

It is not only in the farmhouse style but the modern architecture that kitchen is the heart of the house. It is where family members gather and enjoy the meal together when the day starts and ends. Moreover, the kitchen is also where the recipes of the mother are implemented with love and care to the family members. This is the space the hosts welcome their guests to cozy and happy meals. As a result, it is crucial to choose a suitable design for the kitchen.

Modern farmhouse kitchen decor is trendy and becomes a favorite style of many families. Therefore, if you are looking for warm, cozy, rustic but modern and simple decor, you are at the right place. This article is showing you the best ideas for a gorgeous and homely kitchen.

Rustic and charming seats are key of modern farmhouse kitchen decor

Seat and table are significant to the dining space in terms of creating warmth and coziness. A popular material of farmhouse style in seat and table is wood. High-quality woods are usually the first choices among a varied type of material. Moreover, high-quality woods highlight the modern charm of the dining table set.

rustic farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Chairs can be the separated ones with back support or benches. They should be made with thick wood sticks and less honed. It is better to have one side with separated chairs and another with a bench. Moreover, the host chair at the head of the table can be the same design as a separated chair or you can use rich detailing features to make it outstanding. Furthermore, a sheepskin rug on the floor right under the dining table set helps to soften the space. besides, a flower pot on the table improves this feeling.

Industrial kitchen island is a great choice for the large space

If you have a large kitchen with a modern farmhouse style, let’s consider an industrial kitchen island. It is a modern containing tool to put all your baskets on the lower platform. Furthermore, it can be a place to short kitchen tools conveniently but keep the great look of the space. Moreover, a kitchen island is a rustic decor item that is popular in the farmhouse style. The rough surface of the table creates a simple and special charm. The surrounding should be in white and black with some metal items in order to accent the modern look.

Industrial farmhouse kitchen island
Industrial kitchen island is a great choice for the large space

Source: countryliving.com

A large kitchen is usually difficult to design warmly and homely. A kitchen island can fill the empty space but does not bring complexity or excesses.

Classic farmhouse cabinet combines modern kitchen island

A cabinet is a must-have item in the kitchen. A suitable cabinet of a modern farmhouse kitchen is designed in classic and simple. Moreover, a classic cabinet is made of wood in natural color or painted white. This simple is either fit farmhouse style or highlight the modern charm and inspires love in the heart of your house. The cabinet should have a metal holder to have a modern look.

Classic farmhouse kitchen shelves

Classic farmhouse cabinet

Source: worthingcourtblog.com

A bright cabinet is a pair with a contrasting blue kitchen island. This set creates a modern farmhouse look that is amazing, impressive yet simple and bright.

A charm from wooden accents

The modern farmhouse kitchen is usually thought of as a wooden space with rustic items and a rough surface. However, wood can be the accent to the kitchen in order to deliver a bright yet warm and cozy feel.

vintage farmhouse kitchen decor art
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In a kitchen covered by painted white wooden interiors, decor by some natural wooden texture to accent space gives a modern, simple and bright look. These accents can be at the door frame, table surface, ceiling frame and so on. In this style, a thick wooden stick generates a better look.

Industrial touches mark the modern charm on farmhouse background

In the industrial style, metal is the main material. Besides, wooden beams are popular with industrial design. To decor your modern farmhouse kitchen, implementing industrial touches is a great idea.

modern farmhouse kitchen decor
Industrial touches mark the modern charm on farmhouse background

Source: mydomaine.com

A metal pendant light right above the dining table creates an elegant and modern charm to the kitchen. Additionally, the metal frame of the dining table with a thin wooden surface is simple but cozy. With this table, the chairs should be separated and with honed back support. A metal flower pot with glass inside can help harmonize the space.

Green and white generate an elegant charm for your modern farmhouse kitchen

White is the main color in modern farmhouse kitchen ideas. However, green is familiar with farmhouse kitchen when it combines with white. The bright white delivers the fresh and inviting feel of the kitchen. The appearance of green improves the fresh and eye-relaxing feel. Instead of coziness, this colors combination is modern and energetic. There should be windows to brighten up space with natural light and an airy vibe.

Green farmhouse kitchen decor
Dark sea green table dinning
Source: walmart.com

Wooden kitchen tools are the farmhouse accents in this space. The naturally bright colors of wood are perfect in the white-green tone. A wooden dining table with a white frame is a pair of wooden kitchen tools. You can decorate more with canvas wall art to make your kitchen space more unique and fancy. If it can be in the green frame, space will never be that perfect.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Art
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A modern farmhouse kitchen mixes vintage

An island in the middle of the kitchen is a trick to bring vintage to your modern farmhouse kitchen. A tip in this decor style is to use one large piece to anchor the arrangement and decorate around it.

The dark natural wooden color on kitchen tools accents the vintage theme for space. The thick wooden sticks bring a rustic look with the modern metal materials in the chairs and table. To highlight the vintage style in the modern farmhouse kitchen, the painted white color on the wooden interior is the best suit. It delivers a fresh and airy vibe. Besides, metal pendant lighting improves the modern look of the kitchen.

modern farmhouse kitchen mixes vintage
Modern country kitchen mixes vintage
Source: houzz.com

It is important to put much effort into decorating the kitchen which is the heart of the house. A rustic yet modern farmhouse kitchen generates welcoming but simple charm to the kitchen where families gather and share the love. With the tips and suggestions above, you might find your own decoration style to light up your kitchen.

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