Powerful and Meaningful of “I Never Left You” Poem Canvas

Powerful and Meaningful of “I Never Left You” Poem Canvas

Poems and verses for funerals generate consolation for an upsetting and hard time. There are heartwarming and emotional poems to uplift the recipients, to condole with them when they lost their loved one. Moreover, there are funny poems to cheer them up and bring them smiles in difficult times. Among the funeral poems, “I never left you” from John F Connor is the most popular one. Its words are so emotional that you might tear. However, they are also powerful and meaningful to share deep condolence. If you would like to give your friend a poem “I never left you” canvas design, this article suggests you with different ideas with this thoughtful poem.

“I never left you” – John F Connor

I watch you everyday

I am always very near

I know deep in your heart

You realize I am here

I watch you while you sleep

In your bed at home

I hear you when you speak to me

When you are on your own

You cannot understand

The reason why I have gone

But I will never leave you

I am there to keep you strong

Talk to me I hear you

Though you may not see

We share an unbroken bond

That will always be

Death won’t keep us apart

For our love is forever

Just remember me in your heart

And one day we will be together

Live your life and live it full

Don’t waste a single day

Remember I am always with you

Every step of the way

“I never left you” canvas design suggestions

“I never left you” is an emotionally funeral poem from John F Connor who wrote it when he lost his wife. With deep and hopeless sadness, every word was written with pain and loss. It is a reason why this poem becomes famous and popular. Moreover, it is printed on canvas that people gift someone who has just lost their lover, their wife.

Hereunder, we suggest you with some “I never left you” canvas designs to gift someone when they are suffering a difficult time. These are the customized memorial gift ideas that you can change for personalization.

Farmhouse canvas design


If they had a good time in the farm or countryside area, there is nothing to gift them better than a “I never left you” canvas design in farmhouse style.

In house decor, a farmhouse canvas generates harmony vibe in the modern design. Moreover, it is a delicate touch in your house where you can look at and find it peaceful, relaxed. As a gift, a farmhouse canvas brings a pleasant and comfortable feel with good memories of the good old days. If you gift someone who has just lost their lover, he would find the condolence and warmth from the gift. It is a good idea to share the pain of losing a loved one with your friend besides staying with them.

Putting a farmhouse image beside the “I never left you” poem on a canvas is a meaningful memorial gift. It has the power to warm the heart and uplift the mood. There are different designs for you to choose from. It can be a farm scene with plants, trucks, animals, a house barn and so on.

Heaven canvas design

When someone lost their loved one, they always pray for the passed away person to rest in peace in heaven. Therefore, a memorial gift with a heaven symbol is meaningful.

You can have the poem “I never left you” canvas print with heaven symbol to gift someone who is suffering the pain of the loss of their loved one. Having it in the house as a decor item or even a memorial item is a good way for family members to remember the lost one. It is also a safe and peaceful way to heal the pain.


You can use different patterns such as a shining cloud, a shining sky, a pair of angel wings, a stairway to the sky and so on. Together with the “I never left you” poem, it would be a great gift that can bring peace to the one who is overcoming a hard time.

Floral canvas design

If someone has just lost a wife, a female loved one, a floral theme of “I never left you” canvas can be a great choice. The flower is a symbol of cherishing and happiness. It is a meaningful and popular gift for every occasion, including memorial gifts. Therefore, if you can have it on a canvas with a powerful poem, there is nothing better and more suitable.

To print on a sympathy poem canvas, you can use lilies, orchids, roses, carnations patterns. They all have special meanings to a funeral as well as to commemorate the loved one.

Personalized canvas design

One of the most popular and meaningful memorial gifts are the personalized items. They usually use the name, time of birth and loss, symbolic pattern with special characteristics and even a photo of the lost one to engrave, print on the item and make it a gift. This type of gift can be used as a simple and cheap item but brings great meaning to the recipient. Therefore, personalized memorial gifts are the most favorite ones among a variety of choices. Furthermore, it will be extremely thoughtful if you have it with a funeral poem “I never left you” canvas design.



Christian canvas design

For a Christian funeral, you can choose a design of “I never left you” canvas in the theme of religion. And it is clear that you should choose the symbolic Christian pattern to print on the canvas along with the poem. They can be the hands of God wide open to welcome your lost one to heaven in peace. Moreover, it can be a Christian cross on the top of the canvas which is shining through the poem. Additionally, you even can have the poem written inside the frame of a Christian cross and print it on a canvas. The recipient will feel your deep condolence and love when he is in a hard time of a loved one loss.



Showing condolence and love to someone who has just lost their loved one is so important and necessary. Staying with them is always the best choice but giving them meaningful gifts can replace you while you are not around. With the suggestions above, we hope you can find a suitable “I never left you” canvas design to use as a sympathy gift.

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