9 Most Meaningful Pet Sympathy Gifts To Warm A Heart

9 Most Meaningful Pet Sympathy Gifts To Warm A Heart

Having a furry friend at home, he is always around you playing happily. It is difficult to accept the truth that he has to go away some days. Pet is considered as a family member, having them is like having a kid, a best friend sometimes. Therefore, if your friends have just lost their pets, you should give them pet sympathy gifts to cheer them up.

The loss of a pet is as hard as losing a loved one. Its missing in daily life causes a huge grieving. These personalized pet sympathy gifts can help you share your condolence with the pet’s owner.

Pet sympathy canvas gifts

There is a variety of canvas designs you can choose from to gift your friend who has just lost a pet. Among the pet loss gifts, printing the photo of the pet in the frame with the memorial poem is the most favorite choice. This design with Designed from a beautiful "The day God took you home" poem on rustic wood, with a personalized pet photo and name, this pet loss canvas will give comfort and peace to those who have lost a pet.

Pet Memorial Wall Art - The Day God Took You Home
Personalized pet loss gift, pet memorial wall art the day God took you home

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This canvas brings a comfortable feeling to the owner with the image of a pet angle. It indicates that the pet has arrived the heaven where there is no pain but peace. With the poem "As i sit in heaven" and you can customize your pet's photo and name, this is the best gift for anyone who has lost a pet.

Sympathy Gifts For Pet Loss
Custom sympathy gift for someone who has lost a pet - As i sit in heaven

SHOP NOW 59.95$

If your friend is a Christian, this gift can touch his heart. With the meaningful image of Jesus, the dog seems to be in the in the Lord's ring, the most peaceful place in the world. Moreover, adding a memorial poem "Until we meet again" is to send the pray and wish to the pet, keep love forever. 

Custom Pet Memorial Passing Wall Art
Custom pet memorial passing wall art canvas, Jesus Christ hug a pet until we meet again

“Waiting at the door” is always a favorite sympathy poem to put on the pet memorial gifts. In this case, a canvas with a photo of the pet and that poem is a great combination to warm the owner’s heart. You can print the wood colors, name and photo of the pet on the canvas to make it more special.

Memorial Pet Loss Gift For Someone Who Lost A Pet

Personalized Photo Canvas, Memorial Pet Loss Gift For Someone Who Lost A Pet, Waiting at the door

Pet sympathy windchime gifts

The house seems to be empty and incredibly quiet after your furry friend has gone. It makes you too upset to suffer the loss. Understanding this, if your friend has just lost a pet, you should use a wind chime as a pet memorial gift.

Pet memorial wind chime gift

Pet memorial wind chime gift

Source: amazon.com

Windchimes are the pet sympathy gifts that can help the house fill with sounds again after days of missing the adorable pet. Even though windchime cannot create the same sound as the pet does, it helps the house not empty. Additionally, the sound it generates is peaceful. It brings rest and pleasantness to the owner to relax and find comfort.

Pet figurine sympathy gifts

They say if love can keep our pet continuing its life, he might stay with us forever. Therefore, a figurine is one of the best sympathy gifts that you can give your friend to cheer him up after his pet has gone.

Pet figurine sympathy gifts

This keepsake is a hand-made product, thus it can transfer a huge love to the recipient. This pet figurine is a hand-painted resin, it is as endurable as the everlasting love for the pet. It is like the presence of the pet is still in the house. The recipient can place it in the living room, bedroom or bookshelf.

Personalized picture frame

Personalized memorial pet picture frame

Source: walmart.com

This frame is designed especially for pet sympathy gifts. There are one glass plates where the photo frame stands on it. In front of a plate. The pet’s owner can put this on the bedroom table or bookshelf as a reminder of eternal love.

Memorial candles

After the pet has gone to heaven, the night became lonelier. There is no four-legged friend around makes your nights harder to overcome. Therefore, the candle is also one of the most common pet sympathy gifts people chose.

Pet Memorial candles Gifts


The candle has different smells that create a comfort zone in the bedroom and make sleep comes easier. You can custom the candle bottle with a photo of the pet, time and name. After using up the candle, the bottle is still a valuable item to keep as a reminder of everlasting love to the pet.

Pet sympathy tree gifts

Growing a tree requires care and love. It is the same as growing a pet. When your friend has just lost a pet, you can give a tree as a sympathy gift. When watering or taking care of the tree, it reminds your friend of his pet and it can warm his heart. Moreover, giving the tree on the same day of the pet passing away makes the tree more special and meaningful.

Pet sympathy tree gifts

Garden stone

The pet and his owner usually had happy times in the garden, playing games, laying down for sunbath, or even just sitting there for nothing. When the pet has gone, the garden might become too silent to get familiar with. Therefore, you can give the owner a garden stone to put in the garden as an appearance of the pet even he is in heaven.

Memorial pet garden stone


This stone is designed in the shape of a paw bone that can make a pet happy to look at. You should personalize it with a photo of the pet on the rock, with the name and time. Pet owners can now sit in the garden and remember their pets with peace and love.

Custom pillow cloth

The most comfortable feeling when having a furry friend is to hold him in your arm. The softness of the fur is so relaxed and pleasant. Therefore, when your friend losses his pet, he might miss the feeling of holding that furry friend in his arms. Hence, you can give him a custom pillow cloth with a photo of his pet on it. This is one of the best pet memorial gifts you can consider.

pet sympathy gift pillow
Personalized memorial gift for loss pet pillow

Pet keepsake box

The owner might want to keep everything of his pet after he has gone. This keepsake box is what you should gift him. It is custom with a photo of the pet on the upper side. You can even engrave with the name and time of the pet on the front side.

Pet keepsake box


It is made of wood and you can choose other materials if you think it is more suitable for the recipient.

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