50+ Christmas wall decor ideas for a cheerful 2021 season

50+ Christmas wall decor ideas for a cheerful 2021 season

Christmas is in the air again and it is the time to decorate your house to open the door for love and good things, to welcome the new year with hope and happiness. If you are looking for lovely, cosy but unique Christmas wall decor ideas, you are at the right place. We have so many great ideas for you to refresh your house for an amazing holiday season.

Christmas wall art – A variety of meaningful choices

Canvas wall art is by far the most common decor item in any house. It is easy to hang on the wall or easy to choose the styles. Therefore, in this season, you must have a Christmas canvas in your house to light up the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas scenery canvas

Going out during the Christmas season is a wonderful experience when the city is covering with stunning decorations. However, bringing a bit of Xmas into the house is still something interesting. You can use Christmas canvas with the winter scenery to hang on the wall.
Christmas Scenery Wall Art Canvas With Red Truck And Barn In Winter
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There is a variety of designs that you can choose from with this Christmas well decor style. It can be just a simple black board with white snowflakes in different sizes. It can also be a mountain covered by white snow. You also can consider a canvas of children is playing in a snowy yard.

Scripture canvas 

Even though Christmas is the holiday of everyone, it is the holiest time for the Christian. Hence, if you are a Christian, you should definitely use scripture canvas wall art as a Christmas wall decor. 
Christmas Scripture Wall Art Canvas
There are thousands of scriptures to put on the wall art. For Christmas, you can have them with special patterns such as wreaths, laurels, socks, candies, and many more.

Christmas canvas with meaningful quotes

Christmas is the time for blessing, sending wishes to our beloveds. It is extremely meaningful to decor your house with Christmas quote wall art. You can easily find different designs of seasonal wall art. If you have other decor items such as colourful unique Christmas gift boxes, laurel leaves, red-white candies, you can use simple black-white wall art with quotes. It can be a set of panel canvas or a single canvas. On the contrary, if you use only canvas on that part of the wall, it should be in the Christmas theme with Xmas patterns such as red-green letters, colourful light background, white snow and Christmas trees and so on.
So Very Thankful Forever Grateful Christmas Canvas Wall Art
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Some quotes you can consider:
“All is calm. All is bright”
"All heart come home for Christmas"
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”
“Have yourself a merry little Christmas”
“A holy night, the stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear saviour’s birth”
“May your troubles be less and your blessing be more and nothing but happiness come through your door”

Farmhouse wall art for Christmas

Your house is designed in farmhouse style and you want to keep Christmas wall decor to look rustic, cosy. Farmhouse wall art is the best choice for you.
These pieces of wall art may recall the good memories of the old days when you were on the farm with your beloveds. The winter was around, snow covered the roof, truck and yard in white. The fence turned to white too. Having this canvas style in your house shall bring the coziest and the most wonderful season ever to your space.
Christmas Farmhouse Decor Wall Art There's No Place Like Home
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Christmas wall decor with wooden letters

Classic Christmas wall decor is always a favourite style. It is rustic, special and stunning. These letters can be hanged on a rustic wall or a modern solid one. They are the perfect accent for your space. moreover, letter decoration is easy to personalize and create a space that stands out your style. The most important thing when decorating your house with wooden letters is to make sure to place them straight on the wall.
Source: thewoodenletterscompany.com
This JOY sign is perfect for vertical decor on a pillar. It is an accent to highlight that Xmas is in the air. These letters can be placed in a horizontal row on a solid wall such as in the living room or kitchen.
This XMAS letter decor is so classic yet especially meaningful. It is the best decor for the wall on the entryway or on the door. The red colour is enough to say that a joyful Christmas has come.
Source: thoughtsinvinyl.com
If you have a fireplace and decorate the space around it with a Christmas tree, this SANTA is a perfect addition. It is not too standing out but cute enough for your children to save the moments with. You can place them on the floor next to the tree.

A unique entryway to warm up your Christmas

The entryway is the very first impression of a person when entering a house. The holiday season is around, it is the time for you to create a big warm welcoming by renovating your entryway.
Source: https://www.wayfair.com/
This is a great and simple idea to decorate your entryway. All the items remind anyone stepping on the doorway that Christmas is in the air. It does not only the wall decor items but also a laurel wreath on the door which is the must-have in Christmas. Do not forget an electric candle warm up the cold air. It will be the best housewarming gift for your guest.
Source: therange.co.uk
This idea is a perfect one for tree lovers. There are Christmas trees in different sizes to put along the entryway. They are enough for a seasonal sign. Since this idea looks a bit rustic, it is the best match for a farmhouse design. You can hang some Christmas canvas to put on the wishes to your home and your guests too. In order to create an art looking, the canvas should be in green theme too.
Source: christmas-decorations.com
This Christmas decorating idea is a classic one but never out of date. Every item is in red, white, green, it brings a holy holiday look right to your doorstep. It is not much but it looks warm and welcoming.

Wooden snowflake in big size

Snow is the signature of the winter. Therefore, it becomes a must-have decor item during the Christmas season. It is a classic Christmas wall decor item but if you know how to place and combine it with other stuff, you can create an amazing wall for the holiday.
Source: https://www.walmart.com/
Big size snowflakes can be hanging on the wall of the bedroom to bring the holiday air to your private space. Moreover, you can use it for the living room wall, right above the couch or on the fireplace.
Source: https://www.christmaslightsetc.com/
Another idea is for the entryway if you like the sparkling stuff. You can use a led lighting snowflake for outdoor decor. It is a beautiful welcoming sign to everyone at your house.

Christmas lights tree wall hanging

If you do not have space for a Christmas tree in the living room, this Christmas wall decor idea can help you bring the cherished vibe into your house. This Christmas decorating idea is also suitable for your bedroom too.
Source: jhmaison.com
You will need a metal frame to hang on the wall before putting other decor stuff on it to form a Christmas tree. The lighting is a signature of this holiday season. Moreover, other items can be more colorful if you want them to be, such as red and green peppermint bubbles, colorful stars and ribbon and so on. A housewarming gift will make the space look warmer and cooler if you still have a small space left.
Source: Pinterest 
It is interesting for your family to make a Christmas tree together. This “tree” is made of branches that you can find them easily around the garden. Some decor items such as peppermint bubbles or stars or candies in seasonal colours must be added for a stunning look. The chop of the tree should have a hanger so that you can hang it on the wall. It can be used for Christmas wall decor for the living room, bedroom and kitchen or even the doorstep.

Christmas wall decor idea with laurel wreaths

Over time, classic Christmas wall decor is still a favourite style among tons of options. Laurel wreath is one of them. Everyone knows that laurel wreath appears on the door when Christmas comes. People sometimes hang it on the entryway with other items to create a warm welcome. How about hanging laurel wreaths in the kitchen?
Source: cotswoldposypatch.com
This is a great idea for the kitchen during the holiday. These laurel wreaths bring a joyful atmosphere to the kitchen where the heart of the family is. Enjoy the meals full of happiness and Christmas appears around is an amazing experience.
Source: https://cottonstem.com
Besides, the laurel wreaths can be the Christmas decorating items for the living room. Together with candles, it generates a wonderfully holy vibe for a joyful holiday season. It looks simple but elegant and vintage. You can put some small branches of laurel on the carpet, table or replace them with unique Christmas gift boxes, housewarming gifts.

Gallery Christmas wall decor

It is great to create a gallery as a Christmas wall decor design when the holiday comes. It looks a bit unorganized but artistic. Different Christmas decorating items are putting together for purposes to make a cosy and friendly corner right in your space.
Source: Pinterest
You can use Christmas canvas with winter scenery or scripture to join the gallery. Besides, it cannot be perfect if you do not use a small Christmas tree. It shall be made of real Christmas tree branches or wood but make sure it looks rustic. Moreover, wooden letters should be a part of the gallery. There are different options of words for you to choose from such as JOY, MERRY CHRISTMAS or SANTA and many more. This idea should be for the living room where you welcome the guests and your family members.
Source: popsugar.com
You can keep the idea of combining different items in the same space but replacing specific items to change the look. You can use a handmade calendar to highlight Christmas as a way to counting down. Moreover, adding a cabinet or a table to put housewarming gifts on it is also a good idea. There should be Christmas-related items on the table. The wall above the table should be the gallery. You can use the vase with some branches or replace them with a small Christmas tree.

Impressive Christmas wall decor ideas with socks

Sock is an essential part of the Christmas wall decor. There is a variety of decorating ideas with socks.

The most popular and traditional place to decor with socks is the fireplace. You should, therefore, hang socks on the fireplace as a way to decor the wall of the fireplace side. It depends on the colour and style of the fireplace that you choose different colours for the socks. It should be, traditionally, in red and white. However, if your fireplace is white, the socks could be in beige or dark green with white. If your house is a farmhouse space, you shall decor the fireplace with dark grey or dark classic red socks.
Source: hwatowato.com
This is an impressive idea that turns the socks into unique Christmas gift packs. You should prepare a shelf on the wall to hang these socks on it. Moreover, you shall make sure the size of the socks is large enough to contain the small gifts. It can be used just for Christmas decorating purposes or containing gifts for people too.
Christmas decor tips with faux window wall art ideas

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